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Solutions and Services

- Top of the Line Solutions, All Best in Class and Available From a Single Source

- Bridge the gaps in your Existing ERP (and non-ERP) Systems

- Best-in-Class Technologies, Best-in-Class Solutions, Best-in-Class Results

Primary Market Offer Management
Asset Management
Spend Management
Global Supplier Management
Strategic Planning
Process Monitoring and Improvement
Always-available Infrastructures and Applications
Risk Management
Automated Inventory Control, Visibility, and Velocity
Revenue Optimization
EAI and B2B Integrations
Optimized Business Processes
Regulatory Compliance
Audit and Data Security
Delivered by experienced business and IT professionals
Project Management
Problem analysis and solution assessment
Project Planning
Application architecture and infrastructure assessments
Business process analysis
Interface assessments and design
Complex technology integration
Data analysis, extraction, translation, cleansing, and conversion
Evaluation of vendor software/hardware products
Comprehensive solution integration and managed deployment

Implementation strategies addressing seamless deployment and transition planning

Custom software engineering and development


TTS Methodology:
The TTS approach consists of six key phases that enable businesses to define and implement their "go-to-market" strategy:
1. Strategize: Articulates the overall strategy, business plan, or operational model.
2. Define: Identifies mission critical initiatives for prioritization and implementation, obtains consensus within an organization, identifies "best" products and vendors, and creates proofs of concepts.
3. Build: Builds and implements the required solutions along with the intra/inter-organizational processes across the Internet.
4. Run: Launches and operates flexible and scalable business solutions.
5. Measure: Track and compare the results with the established benchmarks.
6. Refine: Continue to compare against Best Practices and modify when needed.
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