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While every other company in the Middle East is saying let's try this or maybe let's try that, TTS has done this and has done that. One of the first to bring 'e' to the Middle East, TTS has presented multiple seminars on Business-to-Business eCommerce (eProcurement and EAI/B2B software in all of the GCC countries) over the last five years. TTS (using the Internet) developed and grew an impressive customer base through its offerings of unique integrated solutions combining its partner's Best-in-Class software products.

To continue its vision, TTS has as it's foundation a firm belief that no one software company can provide 'the total' solution for every company. TTS will bring together the Best-in-Class software products to provide all of these needed solutions. The answers to the problems faced by IT today lie in making all applications 'play-well' together; whether they are legacy, just put into production yesterday, internal or external.

TTS' key to its successful offerings stems from listening to the customer's 'pain points,' and designing solutions to optimize the business processes that originate those 'pain points. TTS firmly believes that all companies must optimize the business processes within their organizations before tackling the processes of their business partners.

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