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Systems Integrator - Definition
A systems integrator is a company that specializes in building complete computer systems by putting together components from different vendors. Unlike software developers, systems integrators typically do not produce any original code. Instead they enable a company to use off-the-shelf hardware and software packages to meet the company's computing needs.

Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC ('TTS')
TTS has seen the dearth of experience in the area of systems integration throughout the Middle East. It is not sufficient to just enable a software package to work on a specific piece of hardware. Today, all software (legacy, current and future) must be able to "play well together" regardless of the platform(s) they are running on. This is where TTS rises above the competition. We offer Best-of-Breed software solutions tailored to a client's specific needs.

By providing Vendor Certified training (technical and end-user) and software support (vendor maintenance, upgrades and assistance) TTS rounds out its offering to select companies in Oil & Gas, Airlines/Airports, Chemicals, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Government, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications and Utilities.

TTS' eSolutions Strategy
As business becomes more complex, strategies become more important, especially as efficiencies are going to be more difficult to achieve. To attain desired efficiencies front-end solutions must be integrated with back-end systems. An unconnected or piecemeal system will be a strategic setback-and a major expense. TTS can help your company integrate established corporate assets into a business strategy that will make your company more accessible to clients, connect supply chains, and streamline business processes.

TTS consultants help you design, build, and operate business solutions. At TTS we create strategic solutions that help companies gain a competitive advantage. We develop online and offline strategies that reduce costs, differentiate services, create new products and optimize value chain relationships. We provide answers end-to-end from a customer, people, organizational, and technological perspective. We have the expertise and experience to take you into the future of eBusiness while preserving your valuable legacy data and reducing time-to-market of your End-to-End Solutions.
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